About Pipworld

A mobile game in development for IOS and Android. * Fly :: a relaxing flying experience * Explore :: discover vast landscapes and mysterious ruins * Gather :: a cast of diverse and interesting characters * Build :: your own town * Immerse :: in a beautiful world filled with history

A Beautiful Mobile flying experience
Casual, calm and atmospheric flying game.
Explore a lost world, with a host of strange and unique characters
Fly through ruins, massive robots and beautiful landscapes to find more characters, and perhaps, discovery what happened.
Cast of unique Characters
Unlock a range of strange and unique characters. Each with their own fly style and special ability.
Set in a far-future after the Hippie-Pocalypse ( An Apocalypse where Hippies took over the world ) The planet is now deserted of humans. The only remains that are left are artifacts and architecture of the world that once was.
There are no threats or major concerns in this world. The world is actually fine as it is.
Before leaving earth, the last inhabitants left a series of robots behind. Some to cleanup, some to just sit and enjoy the world. Some big, some small. 
Created by David Smit, based in Berlin Germany.
Release date: End of 2016
Platforms: Android, IOS
Type: Free-To-Play

Early Concept art 
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